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BBC Interview Made Infinitely Better by Hilarious Interrupting Toddler

Professor Robert E. Kelly and children.

When Professor Robert E. Kelly sat down to give a live interview from his home to BBC World News, he likely did not expect to be overshadowed by his small children. But through the perfect combination of unlocked doors, inattentive adults, and a toddler’s inability to give any damns, that’s exactly what happened.

Midway through Kelly’s thoughts on South Korea, his daughter authoritatively marched right in — perhaps to share her complex viewpoint on Asian geopolitics or, more likely, to just chew on a marker while staring at the camera. Kelly’s baby followed shortly afterward in her walker, and he can barely hide his frustration before a woman frantically rushes in and escorts them both out of the room.

Let’s get that kid her own TV show, stat.

Watch a Hilarious Toddler Interrupt Her Dad’s BBC Interview