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Yellow Sunglasses Will Make You Look Cool, Not Crazy

Bella Hadid out in NYC. Photo: Alo Ceballos/GC Images

A good fashion rule of thumb: Approach Instagram trends with caution. What seems like a decent idea while you’re mindlessly scrolling during a late-night Instagram rabbit hole can easily make you look over-the-top in real life (bedazzled chokers and spandex bodysuits, I’m looking at you). And yet, there is a fashion trend currently making the rounds on social media that doesn’t make me feel like I’m trying too hard to look cool: Aviator sunglasses with yellow lenses.

While aviators have been in style since the Top Gun days, swapping yellow lenses for typical black ones feels modern and fresh. Bella Hadid practically lives in her yellow aviators (she wore them nonstop during Paris Fashion Week), and Chiara Ferragni wore them to New York Fashion Week back in February. My theory for their newfound ubiquity is that yellow lenses are just the right amount of quirky: They don’t stray too far into weird, peacocking territory and, thanks to the classic frame they’re encased by, actually feel wearable (with, say, a black leather jacket or bold red lip).

When $20 Is All You’re Willing to Fork Over

This $20 pair from ASOS (which already sold out once before) have lenses that connect lower on the bridge of your nose and are more oval than round, two factors that ensure these don’t completely engulf your face.

If You’re Serious About the Trend

Ever felt the pure devastation of breaking one of your favorite pairs of sunglasses? Cheap pairs fulfill the need of instant shopping gratification, but the more expensive ones will last you in the long run. In this case, the 100% metal frames are also highly malleable — meaning, they’ll bend rather than snap if they happen to fall off or get buried by the contents of your handbag.

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Yellow Sunglasses Will Make You Look Cool, Not Crazy