Here Are the Best Rain Boots for Wide Calves


If you’ve ever bought a pair of rain boots only to find that they’re too tight on your calves, we feel your pain. When the tops dig into the skin around your knees, growing ever more uncomfortable with each step you take, it’s tempting to call it a day and hop into a cab. It doesn’t end there — when you finally take them off, your legs are sticky from all the sweat buildup. Of course, you could buy an ankle boot, but higher styles are more practical. Not only will they keep your legs warmer on blustery days, they also protect your pants from dragging on the wet cement.

Though it sounds like a challenge to find stylish high boots that fit properly, we identified five that are specifically made for calves of all sizes. Scroll ahead to see them all.

Hunter Rain Boots

You can’t go wrong with a classic Hunter boot, but the traditional cut isn’t very flexible around the calf area. Luckily, they decided to expand and make a wide version that features adjustable straps so you can loosen as needed.

Jileon Extra Wide Calf Rain Boots

According to Jileon’s site, the company makes the widest boots in the U.S., with circumferences up to 21 inches. Reviews on Amazon consistently praise their fit, with a top commenter saying, “Brilliant rain boots! Saves me from the embarrassment of not fitting into the ‘house’ boots of my British in-laws.”

Kamik Icebreaker Boots

If you’re looking for a minimalist, non-shiny pair, these are a good choice. Reviewers love the adjustable tie, which can accommodate muscular legs with ease.

Ugg Shaye Rain Boots

Ugg isn’t just good for shearling boots and really comfortable house shoes; the company also makes durable rain boots. Reviewers love the cheery colors, like violet (shown here), cherry red, and rich pine-forest green. Added bonus: The material won’t crease around the ankles after repeated wear.

Fairfield Tall Rain Boot

These equestrian-inspired rain boots have a stylish flair with their gold hardware and bold red-and-navy-stripe detail on the side. But they also function well for wider calves, because the shaft is made out of stretchy nylon. Another important detail? The curve at the top contours to your muscles, without constriction.

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Here Are the Best Rain Boots for Wide Calves