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Are You Ready for Antonio Banderas’s Sexy Candle Collection?

Antonio Banderas and candle. Photo: Getty Images

It’s been quite some time since Antonio Banderas strapped on his shiny black boots as Zorro, but that’s only because he’s been exploring his creative genius and just trying to figure things out, man. Two years ago he enrolled at prestigious art and design school Central Saint Martins, and most recently he launched a collection of sunglasses, wallets, phone cases, and candles.

The items are sold on a new e-store, Starlite Shop, which is essentially Etsy for famous people (the site plans to host additional collections designed by celebrities in the future). According to The Hollywood Reporter, Antonio Banderas’s line is “inspired by his passion for the Mediterranean.”

The “Antonio Banderas Scented Candle” is encased in espresso-colored glass and costs a mere $21. It looks like it smells partly leather-y and mostly sexy. But don’t gird your loins just yet. Sadly, shipments to the U.S. are currently unavailable.

Antonio Banderas Is Now Making and Selling Candles