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Corinne From The Bachelor Is Now Selling ‘Platinum Vagine’ Shirts

Corinne Olympios.

While Vanessa may have “won” The Bachelor (in that she is now forced to go through a complicated visa process to be with a near-stranger she can’t stop arguing with), we all know the real winner of last season was breakout villain Corinne Olympios, who is now purveying her reality-TV notoriety with a new line of Corinne-branded loungewear.

The prolific napper and cheese-pasta aficionado has teamed up with Riot Society to create a line of “Team Corn” apparel featuring some of her most memorable lines from the show, including “Make America Corinne Again,” “I Need A Raquel,” “Cheese Pasta & Chill,” “I Feel Like Napping” (in Kanye font), and, of course “Platinum Vagine.”

The perfect transitional uniform to take you from the bedroom to the nap room and back again.

Bachelor Star Corinne Is Selling ‘Platinum Vagine’ Shirts