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4 Full-Body Moves From Drake’s Trainer

Drake’s trainer is here to help. Photo: MICHAEL CAMPANELLA/Getty Images

If you’ve been paying attention to Drake the past few years (and of course you have), you’ve likely noticed his transformation from hot-yet-sensitive-Canadian-rapper into a hot-yet-sensitive-Canadian-rapper-who-is-swoll. Drake’s transformation can largely be attributed to his trainer, Jonny Roxx of Push Pounds gym in Toronto, who emphasizes full-body workouts in his sessions with the rapper. Luckily, the GapFit brand ambassador offered to show the Cut four Drake-inspired full-body moves when he was in New York for the launch of GapFit Sculpt line. You can do these moves at the gym or at home, using your own body weight or whatever you happen to have lying around the house (a book, a filled water bottle, etc.) — and because they utilize your whole body, these moves are beneficial for just about everyone, even those of us who are female non-rappers. “You never isolate a muscle when you’re living your life, whether you’re sitting down or standing up, running or jumping,” Roxx told the Cut. “Doing full-body workouts is a great way to use your whole body as one working machine.”


The thruster works out your lower and upper body at the same time. For this move, start in a squat position with weights (if you have them) positioned over your shoulders. Then, stand up and move the weights above your head in an overhead press. Start off slow by doing five reps with 20-second rests in between, and do four or five rounds to give yourself a good burn.

Sumo Squat

This is a wide, weighted squat that targets your glutes. Stand with your legs hips-width apart, with your feet pointed out wide and your chest held up high. Holding a weight (or a book, whatever you have), squat down and stand back up in five reps for four or five rounds.

Kettlebell Swing

As you can see, though this move is called a “kettlebell swing,” you don’t actually need to use a kettlebell for it. Instead, use whatever weight you have, stand with your legs hips-width apart and your feet turned out (like in squat position), and swing the weight from shoulder-height down in between your knees while bending your knees, and then stand back up. To do this, start a clock and do 30 seconds on, and 10 seconds off. That way you’re getting some high-intensity intervals.

Push-up Jump Into a Knee Tuck

This is actually a more advanced move, so no pressure if you don’t feel ready for it quite yet (maybe it’s something you want to ease yourself into). But to do this, Roxx says you should assume push-up position, and then pull your core together to jump into the air, clap your hands, and back into a push up. This move really works your chest and your core. “You need a lot of control for it,” he said. If you’re not ready to try the full move, go for a simple push-up instead, since that still uses your whole body.

Drake’s Trainer Shows You 4 Full-Body Workout Moves