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Elizabeth Warren Wasn’t Particularly Amused by Bill Maher’s Pocahontas ‘Joke’

Nope. Photo: HBO/YouTube

Bill Maher is no stranger when it comes to edgy jokes — or “jokes,” as the case may be — but it can be hard even for him to stick the landing. Such was the case last night when he casually referred to Elizabeth Warren as Pocahontas” during an interview with the senator about her new book, This Fight Is Our Fight. Warren remained all business and didn’t even acknowledge the slur as she continued their conversation, which is basically the best response of all.

Maher wasn’t the first person to dredge up that old insult yesterday. During a speech to NRA supporters Friday afternoon, President Trump commented that he thought Pocahontas” might run for president in the next election, much to the amusement of the crowd. Maher brought up Trump’s jab just as the interview was wrapping, which meant he got a smile and a hug instead of the gas face.

Elizabeth Warren Wasn’t Amused by Maher’s Pocahontas ‘Joke’