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Hotels Are Working Tirelessly to Fulfill Their Customers’ Insatiable Love of Bathrobes

A good robe. Photo: Trinette Reed/Blend Images/Getty Images

Some people (me) say that a bathrobe is the absolute pinnacle of apparel: comforting and soft, the closest you can get to being swaddled as an adult. And while it’s rare to come across a bad robe, hotel chains are now scrambling to create the Über-robe.

The Washington Post points to Kimpton — the clear frontrunner in the hotel-bathrobe arms race — which carries over a dozen patterns, including one modeled after Rocky Balboa’s. Marriott and Hilton have both introduced new robe designs, and the Four Seasons reportedly spent three (3) years redesigning their robes. (Along with customer satisfaction, this is ostensibly for Instagram appeal.)

“For years, we sold robes that were about operational efficiency,” Greg Eubanks, a vice-president at the company Standard Textile, which sells robes to hotel chains, told the Post. “These days, guests want to feel special — sexy, even — in their robes.”

Because truly nothing makes a person feel sexier than eating $11 minibar peanuts in a bathrobe.

Hotels Are Working Tirelessly to Design the Perfect Bathrobe