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Life-Size 2 Is Officially Coming to Freeform, and It’s Going to Have a Holiday Twist

Smize, Tyra. Photo: Disney Enterprises

Tyra Banks will once again be a star in the greater Disney universe. The smize-tastic supermodel will officially be returning as transformed doll Eve in the long-gestating Life-Size 2 for Freeform, which is getting a holiday-themed twist — per Deadline, the “edgy” film will be airing as part of the network’s beloved “25 Days of Christmas” lineup in 2018, and will revolve around a grown-up Eve. Specifically, Eve will have “magically awoken to help a young woman learn to live and love again,” and along the way, she will experience “the ups and downs of real life.” Her partner in crime, Casey (Lindsay Lohan), is not expected to return in any capacity.

Life-Size Sequel With Tyra Banks Is Officially Happening