Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of April 10

Photo: Jen May

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Tomorrow brings a full moon in Libra. Under the light of this moon, what can you see in the faces of people in your life? Inside your tangled feelings, in the sweet and messy ways you know how to love, what can become illuminated?

Aries: This is a week for opening up your vision a little, for letting go of some of your sharply honed precision. There are wild and rocky paths that need you to keep your eyes on the ground, on each next step, but this is a week for something messier. A truth doesn’t need to have clear edges to be real. Let your thinking get a little weird.

Taurus: This week, if you get the sense you’re moving toward something you’ve been waiting for, don’t ignore it. If you get the sense that you’re moving toward a feeling you’ve wanted a long time, don’t run away. You don’t have to squeeze all hope until it’s small enough to fit inside your pocket. There’s a whole world of goodness you deserve, and you’re allowed to believe in it.

Gemini: Everyone, all around you, is wild and alive like you are. Everyone, everywhere you can look, is made of sorrow and desire; you don’t have to feel so alone with yours. The desires you carry aren’t the only ones, and the sorrows you live with aren’t enough to drown you. No matter what you dream of at night, the sun is still going to rise, and your life will still belong to you.

Cancer: It’s easy sometimes to start to feel jealous of people with lives that look nothing like yours, who move through difference spaces, who breathe a different kind of air. It’s easy, sometimes, to start to mourn the versions of yourself there could have been, the alternate lives that slipped right through your fingers. It’s easy to imagine that you’ve stopped growing, or that your life has stopped bending, but neither of these things is true.

Leo: Your courage doesn’t always feel like magic, like a beacon, like a campfire blazing warm in the dark. Your courage doesn’t always feel like enough to carry you alone intact through these days, let alone enough to carry others with you. Sometimes, courage just feels tiring. Sometimes it feels like nothing much at all, like a gray morning, like a long afternoon. Still, it’s all building toward something.

Virgo: Sometimes it’s hard to manage all the love the world can offer. There’s love for the people you know well and the people you don’t, love for the ground and the sky and the water. It feels like a burden, sometimes, or a weakness, something to ruin you, to call you away from your sweet independence. But a life like this has wisdom to share, if you’re brave enough to look.

Libra: Every feeling you carry, each burden and each love, has a different weight, a different heft. It’s so hard, sometimes, to know what’s going to be heaviest. It’s so hard to predict what will feel sweet in your arms, and what will feel heavy as a stone. The world is strange, this week no less than ever, but you don’t need to know ahead of time how a moment’s going to feel.

Scorpio: Different songs in the air mark the changing seasons, and this week, watch for the changes that have been coming for a long, long time. Watch for the changes you set in motion a long time ago. A human life has a strange, long orbit, and it’s hard to track your own path. It’s hard to track the quiet changes, the slow-burning changes, the ones that surface so gently it’s hard to notice them. Do you remember who you used to be, and what you used to long for so deeply it made your limbs ache?

Sagittarius: These days move fast and there’s no way to stop them, but you don’t have to jump into motion when you aren’t ready. Sometimes, it’s best to make decisions quickly, boldly, moved by a bright hot courage. Other days, if you listen, the world is asking you to watch, to wait, to look out the window or take a long walk and let your thoughts grow and breathe and settle.

Capricorn: It’s not the worst thing there is, a feeling of impermanence. The world keeps spinning, and change never stops, and it doesn’t mean you’ll run out of time. The world is moving and so are you. There’s no fear great enough that it’ll last forever inside you, no cruelty that’s infinite.

Aquarius: Give yourself over to being carried away by dreaminess, if you can. Our bodies are solid, but our lives are still made up of stories and sounds. Our days pass, one after the other, but our memories still loop and call. There’s a brilliance inside you, a sense of compassion, a knowledge that the world is bigger than what we can see.

Pisces: You don’t have to pretend that you’ve never been tired, that your limbs have never once ached from all the effort of living a life. Sometimes the very air feels like it’s pulling you down; sometimes gravity is almost too much to bear. All you have to do this week is build your momentum. Every time you move it becomes easier to keep moving. Every time you try, it becomes easier to try again.

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Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of April 10