Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of April 17

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On Wednesday, the sun moves into sweet Taurus. There’s so much good here to be found: Planets move retrograde and living isn’t easy, but your feet are on the ground and the winds won’t knock you over. There’s strength in the simple feeling of your feet on the warm living earth, in the quiet goodness of being alive.

Aries: There are colors bright and shocking against the sky — lush green against gray, brick against blue — and there are songs so tender and stars so bright you could almost feel their gravity, all the way from Earth. There’s no use working to become someone who is never shocked and never moved. Even when you imagine you’ve seen it all, you still get to dream at night. Let the world surprise you, this week. Grant yourself this innocence, this sweetness.

Taurus: Your wildness isn’t too much: Even as it loves, a person’s heart can buck and bristle. It’s possible for loyalty to mean something other than a quashing of your own emotions, your own strangeness, your own rebellion. It’s possible for faith to be critical, and for love to challenge and protest. It’s a week to be true to your people, and a week to stand boldly on your own side, too.

Gemini: There’s something to be said for spending your days gathering information, collecting experiences, taking what you can find in case you need it, someday. But try to imagine, now, that you have all the parts you need, and you’ve gathered all the pieces. This is a week for putting them all together, for making the connections, for initiating bright, wild chemical reactions. There’s only so much raw material in the world, but your range of motion is near-infinite.

Cancer: It feels corny, sometimes, to talk about hope when the world feels unbearably dreary, impossibly dark. But living in uncertain times is a skill, like anything else. It can be learned, and hope can help. If the world isn’t ending yet, if we can’t count on the full, bitter relief of despair, then what actions can you imagine, and what actions can you take?

Leo: The earth keeps spinning, it keeps changing, bringing freshness and hope and light. But there’s a feeling of familiarity, too, that comes with a change in the seasons. As plants take root, as what’s brown turns green, they carry wisdom of the soil, and the seeds, and the seasons that came before. Change doesn’t mean you’ve left your old world behind. It just means you can grow, and you can respond to the sunlight.

Virgo: There are pleasures in life that hurt you, and ones that harm other people, too. This is a week to think about which of these you might start to let go of. It’s not easy, of course — a body knows so many different ways to need. But there are freedoms brighter than what you know now. There are depths and colors and life in the forests, life in the sea. There is another kind of sweetness, other songs to sing.

Libra: This week is for nurturing, somewhere deep in yourself, the boldness to imagine whatever it is in the world that you really want. Inside your own head, there’s no need for compromises. In your quietest, truest, most solitary moments, who is there left to bargain with? Do you want justice, do you want peace, do you want a world full of kindness and light? Imagine a future that feels impractical today. Hold on to this.

Scorpio: This week, it’s worth remembering the skill of defining your own self, even in the face of darkness, even under the heaviest pressure. Refusing to let anybody else tell you what’s possible has never been easy, and it isn’t easy now, but the world’s still not strong enough to defeat you. When you’re told an untrue story, you don’t have to believe it — you don’t even have to listen.

Sagittarius: Sometimes there are slow days, and there are days that feel bad, and there are days that you can’t find a meaning in, but even these days have their own strange purpose. Not everything good needs to shine. Not every moment needs to become a story. There are just different ways to live in time, and different ways to come into your own fullest personhood.

Capricorn: Numbness comes and goes, and so does anger, and so does joy. Pay attention to how your feelings shift, how they respond to the moving world. They can run wild, they can crash noisy and harsh through your head, but they can also take care of you in unexpected ways. Just try to be gentle with yourself. Treat your hope with tenderness, and your sadness, too.

Aquarius: Think about the songs that keep playing in your head, or the visions you see in the sky. Think about how closely you know your friends’ faces, their feelings, the ways they move. The trees and the soil carry messages, too, in other languages, ones you do know how to speak. This is a week for listening to the messages that come to you from weird places, from surprising places, from the places you forget are alive.

Pisces: Springtime offers this sweet time of rebirth, of new changes, of green shoots poking above the soil and tiny buds opening up. Now, this week, your voice is strong and ready. You can name what hurts you, and who; you can name, too, what you love. There’s an openness, here. This is a week for speaking springtime into motion, for speaking love into a solid state.

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Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of April 17