Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of April 24

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Wednesday brings a new moon in Taurus, and with it, a quiet space. When you’re alone in the early blue morning, where is your center of gravity? When you’re alone in the soft evening light, what kind of shadow do your thoughts start to cast?

Aries: What makes your hands twitch with energy? The world’s so full of people seeking their answers, and people laying out prescriptions on how to live, but you have your own job to do. Listening is a gift, but you don’t have to listen to everyone who wants to tell you what to do.

Taurus: If you could start over, right now, what would you do and what would you change? What do you wish you could learn? Your time isn’t knotted or tangled — it’s just that there are roads that are smooth and roads that are bumpy. There are maps that are clear and maps that are smudged and harder to read. There are worse things than taking the long path.

Gemini: This is a week for risks, small ones or big ones, for moving past the edge of what’s visible. A human form is bounded by skin, and the land you stand on is bounded by shoreline, and the Earth’s bounded by its own fragile crust. There are edges everywhere, and still the universe stretches out and out. Your own thoughts can range wild and free; your words can hold some kind of magic. How will you know this, and use what you already have to take risks?

Cancer: You don’t have to keep talking to be seen, all the time. You can, if you choose to — it’s good to speak when you want to speak, and your voice is pure and good. Just remember, this week, that it isn’t your job to keep making your own case for your right to be here. If you run out of words, if your throat gets sore, you can stop speaking. You matter, even when you’re entertaining nobody.

Leo: This is a week for second chances and alternate plans. Sometimes, the world offers you opportunities painted bright and big across your vision, but sometimes it’s okay just to wait, and to be gentle with yourself while you do. It’s surprising, what can happen if you’re just patient with yourself, if you’re kind.

Virgo: How are you going to look outside yourself, this week? How are you going to take your love out of your whirring brain and your tight muscles, and let it learn to live in the world? You guard your secrets tenderly and well, and there are worse ways to live. Still, will you be the only person you’ve ever needed? This is a good week for speaking kindness out loud.

Libra: What reserves of strength will you call on when the light feels too weak? What reserves of love will you summon when the world starts feeling empty, like you’re staring out at an endless dark ocean? Sometimes, a bad day is just a bad day. Sometimes, it’s another stage of growth, a chrysalis, an unexpected chance. Sometimes, clarity and growth feel like no consolation at all, and that’s okay too.

Scorpio: When you feel afraid in the dark chilly night, when the moon casts hardly any light at all through your window, what is your fear trying to tell you? When you feel afraid in the warm, flat afternoon, what’s the message there? Your own heart has messages for you, this week. It’s a week for the long process of cutting away all the things you don’t care about and the things you don’t really believe, until you find yourself face-to-face with your own bright core.

Sagittarius: This week, what will you do with all the wild hunger that rises up in you? This is a time to be mindful of all the things you want. An appetite is good, and a heart full of desires is a heart that’s beating truly, but you’re not alone on this planet. It’s good to know your own desires, and it’s good to feel them fully, just don’t let them eat you. And don’t let them harm anyone else.

Capricorn: It’s important not to be the only person in this big world you can trust with your energy or with your sorrow. This doesn’t mean you’re allowed no borders — just remember, when you’re defining your space and the contours of your life, to leave a way out, and a way back in.

Aquarius: You work so hard, and you work so much, and it’s hard to see the ways you’re seen. It’s hard to know the ways you’re known. When you don’t see how much you’re appreciated, how can any work feel good? Maybe, this week, you can start to feel seen. Maybe, this week, love can make the sky bright again. If it isn’t enough, if the clouds don’t drift away on their own, it’s okay to ask for what you need.

Pisces: There are unhappy truths as well as sweet ones, unpleasant discoveries as well as bright ones. Sometimes they’re hidden in yourself, and sometimes they’re hidden in the earth. This week’s going to contain giddy moments that shine like gold, but try not to ignore the weirder moments, the ones that stick in your mind, uncomfortable. There’s something to be said for being haunted. It’s a tall order, a whole life’s work, to keep building this courage until it’s something you can use.

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Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of April 24