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Middle-Aged Women Are the Driving Force Behind Current Activism: Report

Photo: EBET ROBERTS/Getty Images

Whether you agree with Susan Sarandon’s comments about Trump or not, you have to admit she’s got a point that people sure are “energized” about protesting. And most of those protestors who are calling their local reps on the regular are middle-aged women.

Daily Action, which is a service that texts you every day with suggested political actions, published a poll of over 28,000 of its users, and the results are fascinating. The poll, which was conducted by Lake Research Partners, revealed that 86 percent of the users that responded are female, and that over 60 percent are 46 or older — that includes 16 percent of women who are over 65 and still taking action. Fifty-two percent of women reported joining a women’s march, with 77 percent reporting they are “very likely” to protest again in the future. Thirty-eight percent of women polled said that health care was their number one issue, with reproductive rights coming in third.

As per the Huffington Post, the poll itself doesn’t necessarily reflect an accurate breakdown of Daily Action users themselves or activists in general, just the people who responded to the poll. However, Daniel Gotoff, the head of Lake Research’s New York office, told HuffPo that he felt sure that the poll was an accurate representation of the activists who are “the ones making the calls and showing up at events.”

Laura Moser, founder of DA, told the Huffington Post, “I think there was something really catalyzing about this election, for women in particular.”

Middle-Aged Women Are Now the Driving Force Behind Activism