An Ode to Fashionable Men in London

Photo: London; 2016; © Jonathan Daniel Pryce

Ahead of London Fashion Week Men’s this June, British GQ’s editor-in-chief Dylan Jones created an ode to the city’s menswear in his new book London Sartorial: Men’s Style From Street to Bespoke. Featuring runway and street-style photographs, the tome visits London neighborhoods using fashion as a lens, from an unconventional trench coat in Trafalgar Square to clean-cut suits in Westminster. Jones traces the city’s history as a fashion capital.

“Menswear is something we are extraordinarily good at,” he writes. “It is an intrinsic part of British heritage and history.” Showing his own loyalties as a Brit, Jones portrays London as more of a lifestyle than a metropolis, outlining how Savile Row tailors and youth culture have inspired new styles in the fashion industry without washing away the past. He traces London’s success in popularizing men’s fashion week and cultivating relationships with brands like Tom Ford and Burberry.

London Sartorial profiles fashion brands as well as 14 stylish men on their favorite pieces of clothing, like actor Hu Bing, who prefers Jimmy Choo loafers in white suede and black leather, and chef Jason Atherton, who likes his shirts handmade from Smyth & Gibson. Click ahead to see images from the book, published by Rizzoli.

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Martell Campbell

London, 2014.

British Colors

GQ Style 2014.

Britpop Cool

GQ Style 2014.

Street Style in London.

Trojan, Mark Vaultier

London, 1986.

Backstage at Liam Hodges

Autumn/Winter 2016.

An Ode to Fashionable Men in London