Samantha Bee Says Only Wishful Thinkers See Ivanka As ‘Your Secret Progressive Buddy’

Ivanka Trump met with Leonardo DiCaprio to talk climate change, but don’t let the environmental-policy cover fool you: “Meeting with Leo DiCaprio is not a sign that you care about climate change,” Samantha Bee said on Full Frontal. “It’s a sign that you were a teenager in the ’90s.” Bee took a closer look at Ivanka’s influence, and counters that only wishful thinkers could still see her as President Trump’s progressive conscience. Not only is Donald particularly ornery — “Anyone with a dad knows they have invincible old-man-opinion strength!” — but Ivanka has a history of loyally selling her father’s agendas. Don’t be fooled by the shiny hair!

Sam Bee Deconstructs the Myth of Ivanka’s Influence