Your Bagged Salad Is Trying to Murder You

Foiled again. Photo: artisteer/Getty Images/iStockphoto

Salad. Salade. Cold soup. Whatever you call the plate of leafy greens you’ve resigned yourself to eating at least once a day in the hopes of staving off death, it’s all for naught — because it may be the very thing that’s trying to kill you.

Earlier this week, a Maryland woman found a scorpion in a bag of spinach. Days before that, a dead bat was reportedly found in a bag of spring mix (RIP little guy). This is only a small sampling of the horror to befall pre-bagged mixed greens, which, you’ll see, goes way back.

From January 2017: “Woman finds brown frog in Coles packaged lettuce”

From February 2016: “Giant Spider Found Kickin’ It Inside Pre-Packaged Salad Mix”

From May 2015: “Customer Finds Live Beetle At Bottom Of Half-Eaten Starbucks Salad”

From February 2015: “Woman says she found mouse in pre-packaged spinach”

From October 2012: “Woman shows WFTV live frog in unopened bag of lettuce”

Nothing is safe.

Your Bagged Salad Is Trying to Murder You