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Susan Sarandon Defends Trump Comments on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

“It’s doing great things for comedy.”

Stephen Colbert’s serious side was in full effect Friday night when he welcomed Susan Sarandon onto the Late Show to promote Feud. Well, that’s what she thought she was there to discuss. Instead, Colbert kicked things off by asking her about the statements she made about Trump in 2016, when we were all so naïve about what the future would bring.

“You said, ‘Some people feel that Trump might bring about the revolution immediately.’ A) How’s that going? What’s your assessment of how ‘the revolution’ is going?” Colbert asked, with very little preamble.

Sarandon, who looked startled, replied, “Well, I’m so happy that you asked — not really, but OK, we’ll get into it,” and then went on to highlight all the ways people have gotten politically active in the months since Trump took office.

“Well, have you seen this many town hall meetings of people from all parties storming and knocking on the doors of their representatives and complaining and screaming and yelling?” Sarandon asked.

Colbert replied, “Not since 2010.”

Sarandon wasn’t having it. “No. Not since the ’70s, I think. This is really out of control. Now there are town-hall meetings everywhere. I saw one in California where they were screaming about ICE coming in and taking people. I mean, people are really awake now because ‘the cracks let the light in,’ as Leonard Cohen would say.”

Sarandon later added, “Now everybody’s awake, they’re energized … They’re calling their senators; they’re donating to all of these groups. You’re funnier, don’t you think? It’s doing great things for comedy.”

Susan Sarandon Defends Trump Comments on The Late Show