This Video of a School for Baby Orangutans Is the Cure for Your Monday Blues

Photo: Tony Hisgett

There are some crappy situations that no amount of goodwill or problem-solving can fix. For example: Today is Monday, meaning you still have to slog your way through this afternoon plus four more long workdays until you can use your time the way you actually want to. The weekend is a long way away, and there’s just nothing any of us can do about it.

You know what might help with the wait, though? This video from Great Big Story about a school for baby orangutans.

As Kate Horowitz recently explained in Mental Floss, the animals’ survival skills don’t all come naturally. Mothers spend the better part of a decade teaching their children everything there is to know about the business of being an orangutan:

But those relationships are in jeopardy. There are two orangutan species, and both are endangered. The apes live almost exclusively in the treetops, a lifestyle that has become incredibly difficult with the logging boom in Indonesia. An orphaned orangutan is not an uncommon sight in the jungles of Borneo and Sumatra. Those babies are the future, but without their mothers they don’t stand much of a chance.

So the program — from International Animal Rescue, a nonprofit that works to protect wildlife around the world — helps these tiny orphaned apes learn how to live on their own in the wild, teaching them how to climb trees and which foods are safe to eat. Once they’ve progressed enough to graduate, they’re released back into their natural habitats to put their new skills to use (except the skill of looking cute in a wheelbarrow, one that the subjects of this video seem to have mastered). Unlike your current predicament, the baby organutans’ plight is a problem — a real one — that people can do something about; it’s just a bonus that the solution is so heart-meltingly adorable.

This Baby Orangutan School Is the Cure for Your Monday Blues