Retailers Are Calling Culottes Out for Exactly What They Are: Awkward

Times are tough for pants. There’s the clear “jeans,” one-legged jeans, and the terrifying new Vetements jeans. A shining light are refreshingly honest pants from Topshop and ASOS labelled simply as “awkward length.” How refreshing.

The self-proclaimed awkward pant is now ubiquitous, wide-legged and mid-calf length. They’ve grown up since they were known as “gauchos” in the mid-2000s.

As fashion continues to push confusing options that seem like they may not really be clothes, a sign of self-awareness is nice. Maybe not as nice as flattering pants, but nice!

As anyone who has battled in a dressing room with culottes knows, they are awkward. It’s part of the reason people buy them (and definitely the reason many people don’t). Take a look below. Warning: awkward pants to follow. But awkward in a cute way.

ASOS Awkward Length Striped Culottes.
Carhartt WIP Relaxed High Waist Awkward Length Jeans.
ASOS High Waist Awkward Length Wide Leg Pants.
Topshop Plisse Awkward Trousers.
Topshop Matte Plisse Awkward Trousers.
Topshop Awkward Wide Ponte Trousers.
Topshop Faux Leather Awkward Trousers.
Retailers Are Calling Culottes Out for Exactly What They Are