Hey, Ladies, Would You Carry Condoms If They Came in a Cute Travel Case?

XOXO condoms. Photo: Courtesy of YouTube/trojanbrandcondoms

In New York City, condoms are as abundant as rats. You need only go to any public event and you’ll find at least one designated person handing them out like candy, sometimes even with candy. But sadly, New York City isn’t everywhere, and the act of purchasing condoms still makes a lot of people very embarrassed.

That’s where the ladies come in. In order to capitalize on the fact that 65 percent of women admit to never having purchased a condom, and to hone in on the all-important female market, Trojan has come out with a new kind of condom. It’s called XOXO. And it’s for you, girls. Own it!

The XOXO packaging is a “gender-neutral” lavender color and each box comes with a carrying case so that women can discreetly carry condoms in their purses, without anyone knowing they have sex.

Trojan unveiled their major marketing scheme for XOXO condoms this week, and Bruce Weiss, the brand’s vice-president of marketing, told the New York Times: “We consistently hear from people as they shop for condoms, especially from women, that they feel the weight of everyone’s eyes on them when they purchase condoms.” The marketing campaign is geared toward women so that both partners in a sexual relationship take ownership over protection, Weiss said.

Finally, women will make a sacrifice in their sex lives for the benefit of men.

Ladies, Would You Carry Condoms in a Cute Travel Case?