Nicole Richie’s Interview High Five Turned Into an Awkward Slap to the Face

Nicole Richie.

Sometimes interviews don’t go as planned. And sometimes high fives turn into awkward misses. For Nicole Richie, both of those things (and more) unfortunately came true over the weekend when she filmed an interview as part of Talk Stoop With Cat Greenleaf. It’s not even 30 seconds into the clip before things go awry as a fierce high five from Greenleaf mistakenly lands on Richie’s face. Indeed, the sheer force of the high five knocks the sunglasses across the stoop. Ouch.

Richie’s horrified face in the clip shows all levels of disbelief (how would you react?) while Greenleaf seems just as astonished herself. She tries to save the moment by asking if Richie is all right before adding,“That was the craziest high five of all time … I’m notoriously clumsy.” Richie plays along for a bit, but doesn’t let Greenleaf off the hook. “I can see that,” Richie says. “Out of my left eye only.”

Cringe away at the awkwardness of the high five turned slap:

Watch Nicole Richie Get Slapped During Interview Blunder