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Amber Tamblyn on Leaving Her Movie Premiere to Pump Breast Milk

Amber Tamblyn at the Paint It Black premiere. Photo: Araya Diaz/WireImage/Getty

This week actress-poet Amber Tamblyn premiered her first feature film Paint It Black, based on the novel by Janet Fitch. The movie centers on Josie (Alia Shawkat) and Meredith (Janet McTeer), two women grieving the suicide of a young man, Josie’s boyfriend and Meredith’s son. Grieving together, and unsure who to blame, the two women torture themselves and each other in a sprawling Mediterranean mansion in Los Angeles. (Tamblyn has said she wanted the movie to feel like “Grey Gardens directed by David Lynch.”)

At a party for the film sponsored by Svedka, the Cut asked Tamblyn, who recently gave birth to her first child, Marlow Alice, about her experience as a working mom. “The hardest thing is not being able to see her,” she said. “I’m doing a play right now, so I sit at work, and I pump and I rest my hand on my arm and watch videos of her.”

Tamblyn explained her strategy for having a cocktail at her own party, where she was joined by Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants friends Blake Lively, Alexis Bledel, and America Ferrera. “I am going to get up and pump so I can have a drink tonight,” Tamblyn said. “I have an ice pack in my bag, and I’m wearing this gorgeous Stella McCartney suit, but then I have this Medela bag that is full of ice chips and lip gloss and lots of water and a breast pump.”

Her husband, Arrested Development star David Cross, told the Cut his wife’s breast milk is so good that it could beat out other specialty milks. “It’s way better than almond and soy milk,” he said. “It’s so fucking delicious, it’s like dessert. The other night she had a drink of wine so she was going to pump and dump and I had a little taste … I don’t mean, ‘Hey that’s good for breast milk,’ it was just good full stop, period. It was very creamy, somewhat sweet, like a dessert you would pay $50 for at Jean Georges. It was great, and then I just had all the rest of it because she was going to throw it away.”

Amber Tamblyn on Leaving Her Premiere to Pump Breast Milk