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What to Buy Your Mom When You Want to Spend $100ish

You’ve seen our Mother’s Day gift ideas for when you have $50 or less to spend and you want to make it count. What if you have a (tiny bit) more in your budget? Like, say anywhere from $50 to $100? You’ve come to the right place. This happens to be that sweet spot where you can get a substantial present and still have enough to left over to treat Mom to brunch as well. Scroll down to see some fancy but still affordable ways to say “Mom, you’re the best.”

Get one with your initial to remind her of her favorite child (you).

Is your mom a big reader? Get her this cool print that matches colors to book titles like A Clockwork Orange or The Goldfinch, to name a few.

Who doesn’t like a pretty robe to wear while lounging on the couch?

A sheerer and moisturizing take on lipstick for warmer weather, that still feels fancy.

Sedate, tasteful ceramics might be the trend at the moment but these bright pots feel much fresher.

Sleek and arty enough to please any picky design lover.

A face mask that feels delightfully cool and refreshing and smells deliciously like fresh roses.

A summery, lightweight number that’s in the perfect shade of Lemonade-approved yellow.

The swooping gold lines make even patting in eye cream feel glamorous.

All the creams she’ll need for her body, face, and hands, with bottles pretty and small enough to display at her desk.

This double-wall thermos is by cult Japanese outdoors brand Snow Peak, whose aesthetic is best defined as camping by way of Muji. It’ll keep cold drinks icy and hot drinks piping warm while looking stylish at the same time.

For when you’re so over the Chemex.

Have you ever met a mom who didn’t love Eileen Fisher? This rich red tunic happens to be sale too.

Moms love a comfortable sneaker and this squishy Nike number will keep her feet supported through all of her morning walks.

Make her life easier with this plug-in kettle that guarantees piping-hot water for morning beverages.

This might not be from Hermès but it’s just as stylish wrapped around the neck.

For the mom who loves the way roses not just look but smell, this diffuser is elegant yet powerful enough to scent a whole room.

The steel band is a classic silhouette she can wear with anything. Plus, it has just a smattering of diamonds to make it feel extra fancy.

Breakfast in bed while wearing soft, whimsical pajamas? Sounds perfectly indulgent.

This bag looks like it should cost significantly more than it does, between the gold clasp and smooth leather.

A stylish top she can wear to work every week.

Fill this pitcher with some colorful peonies and present it as an arrangement she can reuse long after the flowers are gone.

These high-waisted yoga pants are probably the most comfortable ones out of the Lululemon bunch. They feel barely there, making it that much easier to perfect that side crow.

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What to Buy Your Mom When You Want to Spend $100ish