Let’s Celebrate and Rank All of Olivia Pope’s Glorious Scandal Hairstyles

Olivia Pope and her hair.

On Scandal, power-fixer Olivia Pope has dismantled a top-secret spy agency; helmed not one, but three presidential campaigns (only one of which — if you want to get technical — was successful); and has delivered more effusive patriotic monologues than one can count. Throughout it all, her hair — amazingly — has remained spectacularly impeccable. That’s the magic of television, as they say, but it’s also the magic of Kerry Washington’s Olivia Pope. As rumors swirl surrounding the fate of Scandal’s seventh season (as of this posting, TV Line reports that the show’s seventh season will be its last), let’s look back at the hairstyles that followed Olivia Pope on her America-saving quests. From the bangs that had a life of their own, to the side-swoops and giant curls that played out on TV, week after week.

Let’s Rank All of Olivia Pope’s Glorious Scandal Hairstyles