Bill Clinton and James Patterson Are Writing a Suspense Novel About a Certain President Going Missing


Guessing the plot of Bill Clinton and James Patterson’s co-authored new novel might just be more amusing than the announcement itself, but first things first: Bill Clinton and James Patterson are writing a book. Together. It’s Clinton’s first-ever fictional novel and Patterson’s millionth, but the real news here is it’s called The President Is Missing. A press release would have you believe said “sitting president” is a “completely fictional invention” and not an actual president, and adds that the novel will dive into a “unique amalgam of intrigue, suspense, and behind-the-scenes global drama from the highest corridors of power.” Which is presidential-speak for describing a fantasy about Hillary staging a coup that results in Donald Trump’s disappearance and her usurping his title. (Well, we can dream — let’s not forget Patterson tried to fictionally kill off Stephen King.) The book is slated for June 2018, by which point, hey, maybe they’ll have to call it nonfiction.

Bill Clinton and James Patterson Are Writing a Novel