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Donald Trump’s Penthouse Is Way Smaller Than He Claims

So strange that he exaggerated about something. Photo: NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images

During the presidential election, Donald Trump took Forbes on a tour of his three-story Trump Tower penthouse, and boasted that it was 33,000 square feet, worth at least $200 million, and was literally the “best apartment ever built.” However, Forbes now reports that the president’s New York City penthouse is actually way smaller than that, and worth a lot less.

Trump reportedly told Forbes that he owns the top three floors of Trump Tower, but the magazine recently “dug up” New York City records that prove otherwise. According to Forbes, Trump actually shares those three floors with a neighbor. Trump reportedly initially acquired a 6,096-square-foot triplex apartment that occupied portions of floors 66 through 68 (but not the entire floors).

He later merged parts of two neighboring apartments into his home, Forbes reports, turning his penthouse into a 10,966-square-foot residence. The magazine estimates that the residence is actually worth $64 million, not the $200 million figure Trump claimed.

Forbes notes that “no records filed with the city indicate that he has added or shed square footage in the years since.” Per Forbes:

So where does Trump’s 33,000 square feet figure come from? It’s hard to tell. No one else lives on those floors, according to city records. Instead “common elements” — things like hallways and elevators — and mechanical space appear to take up the rest of the area Trump claims to live in.

The president has not yet tweeted a reaction to this news, but give him time.

Donald Trump’s Penthouse Is Way Smaller Than He Claims