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The Dystopia of SNL’s The Handmaid’s Tale Is a Major Bummer for the Bros, Too

Photo: Rosalind O’Connor/NBC

There’s been some debate over whether The Handmaid’s Tale is specifically feminist or if its intentions lie more broadly as a “human story,” and thanks to Saturday Night Live’s take on the Hulu original, we finally have our answer: The dudes are afflicted too. Like, sure, women becoming the property of men had slipped their minds for a sec (work’s been crazy), but once they remember what’s up, they’re bummed! After all, the girl squads in their lives have become total flakes, and, what, are they gonna play tipsy Putt-Putt without them? Wellllll, since they already missed that protest several years back, couldn’t hurt.

Dystopia in SNL’s Handmaid’s Tale Is a Bummer for the Bros