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A Girl Scout Stared Down a Neo-Nazi at a Rally in the Czech Republic

16-year-old Lucie Myslíková faced off with a neo-Nazi. Photo: Courtesy of Facebook/vladimir.cicmanec

Last summer, a photo of a Black Lives Matter demonstrator Ieshia L. Evans standing calmly in front of two policemen in full riot gear swept across the internet, a viral symbol of self-assurance in the face of adversity. Now, at a time when support for nationalism is picking up around the globe, photos of women calmly facing off with far-right protesters are taking on similar weight. In April, Saffiyah Khan smiled down at an English Defense League member in her hometown of Birmingham, and on Monday a new woman joined the club: Lucie Myslíková, a 16-year-old Girl Scout who a photographer captured debating a neo-Nazi.

Myslíková was part of a group of counter-protesters who confronted the neo-Nazis in the Czech city of Brno at a May Day rally. Vladimir Cicmanec, who took the photo, said she “stood proud and made some profound arguments.” Teens, man — they are the future.

Girl Scout Stares Down Neo-Nazi at Czech Rally