Mamma Mia, I Love-a This Embarrassing Story About Ivanka Trump

Giorgio Chinaglia and Ivanka Trump.

First Daughter and sentient shift dress Ivanka Trump has been accompanying her father on his lengthy overseas trip, where she’s so far talked the Saudis into forking over $100 million to help “empower” women and witnessed the Pope body-shame her dad. The eve before the big Vatican visit, she and husband Jared Kushner ate an intimate dinner at Roman restaurant Le Cave di Sant’Ignazio, where they reportedly enjoyed a little bruschette and cacio e pepe — while I enjoyed this story about Ivanka confusing a soccer player for a saint.

Per the Guardian, she saw a photograph of the late Lazio star Giorgio Chinaglia standing on a soccer field and asked “which saint is that?” One of the owners, Luigina Pantalone, said “we explained to her that it was not a saint but a great Lazio player.”

In all fairness to Ivanka, “the photo was nestled between a crucifix and a picture of Padre Pio, a saint who is revered in Rome,” so I understand the confusion. But I can still offer up a hearty [chef’s kiss] to the news.

Mamma Mia, I Love This Embarrassing Story About Ivanka Trump