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Jimmy Kimmel Responds to the Backlash to His Health-Insurance Comments Following His Baby’s Heart Surgery

Jimmy Kimmel is hoping every future health-care bill passes the Jimmy Kimmel test, which is, as he is relieved to announce, not the test you take to find out why it burns when you pee. If you ever do need to take that test, though, Jimmy Kimmel would like to see you take it easily and affordably. Well, not literally see, but you get the idea. Returning to late night tonight after taking paternity leave last week following his infant son’s open-heart surgery, Kimmel addressed the negative feedback he received after making pro-affordable-health-care comments. “I would like to apologize for saying that children in America should have health care. It was insensitive,” Kimmel joked about detractors like Newt Gingrich. “It was offensive, and I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me.” Kimmel went on to grill Republican Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy about the AHCA, especially with regards to lifetime insurance-payout caps. Hopefully Cassidy and his fellow senators will produce something that passes the Jimmy Kimmel test — both of them — when the time comes.

Jimmy Kimmel Addresses Health-Insurance-Comments Backlash