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Here Is the Video of Justin Bieber Bumbling Through ‘Despacito’ That You’ve Been Waiting For

Our boy, Justin.

Last we heard from lovable Pomeranian pop star Justin Bieber, he was posting close-up photos of the conjunctivitis he had contracted in his left eye, which is heartening if only because it proves Bieber can even out-Bieber himself.

Three days later, with startlingly little confirmation that his pink eye had been cleared up, Bieber spread a little Bieber love at 1 Oak in New York City. Handed a mic, the boy king did as only he knows how: fluffed and blah-blahed his way through lyrics to “Despacito,” a song whose remix he is prominently featured on.


Would You Care to Watch Bieber Bumbling Through ‘Despacito’?