Kit Harington Is the Reason Jon Snow Has a ‘Tiny Pecker’ on Game of Thrones

Kit Harington. Photo: 2016 Getty Images

Kit Harington may be Game of Thronesdesignated hunk, but being a shaggy, fur-clad sex symbol also has its downsides (and we’re not talking about “sexism toward men” — sorry Kit). Rather, in a new Esquire profile, we learn that Harington’s good looks and luscious locks have made him something of a punching bag for his co-stars.

As co-star Emilia Clarke explains: “There’s a consistent drumbeat of taking the piss out of his incredible hair and startling good looks. His hair just takes over everything. My ridiculous handcrafted wig doesn’t come close to standing up to his man-bun.” Meanwhile, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau describes “a change in the level of female lust in the room when Kit is there, which all the males find annoying and disrespectful,” while Liam Cunningham ribs that “his hair has its own trailer.”

But the best jab at Harington came from show creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, who went so far as to write a line about his character’s small dick into the script. (As one character says upon seeing Jon Snow’s naked corpse: “What kind of God would have a pecker that small?”) They explain in an email:

“There has to be some downside to being Kit Harington, right? It seems only fair. He’s handsome, talented, smart, and so decent to the core that it’s impossible not to like him. Maddening. The one thing we can do is saddle his character with a tiny pecker.”

Seems only fair.

Kit Harington Is the Reason Jon Snow Has a ‘Tiny Pecker’