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Lululemon Is Now Designing Athleisure for E-Sport Gamers (Really)

Hoodie 001. Photo: LVLUP

When yoga-pant empire Lululemon began more aggressively targeting men, we should’ve known it would only be a matter of time before they ventured out even further from their original vision. And now — hang onto your green juices — that time has come.

On February 10, the athletic retailer will introduce LVLUP — or “the LuluLemon for E-Sport Gamers.” (Sorry, other gamers, none for you.) The first item available is the Hoodie 001, which is designed with wrist guards, room for a headset, and ergonomic sleeves. It will retail for $110.

Hoodie 001. Photo: LVLUP

They’re not the first company to design performance clothing for gamers, but it is a peculiar choice for a brand that’s built a fanbase with the spinning-class set. (Just last year, founder Chip Wilson said the brand has “lost its way,” so nobody tell him about this.)

No way to know if it’ll ever take off, but check if your eccentric cousin who got rich playing e-sports is carrying a tiny red manifesto tote bag next time you see him.

Lululemon Is Now Designing Athleisure for E-Sport Gamers