Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of May 1

Illustration: Jen May

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Mercury retrograde finally ends this week, as Mercury goes direct in Aries on Wednesday. There’s plenty the planets can’t do for us, but try to accept what grace they can offer. Is there a new looseness in your shoulders? Is there some slight unclenching of the muscles in your jaw? Are you ready, again, to be bold?

Aries: How will you free your energy from the forces that would bind it? How will you keep your labor and your love from the people who would steal them? Your time is valuable, and it is your own. This wild spark in your heart is not a commodity for somebody else to grab and to shape. There are people in this world who will tell you otherwise; this week, remind yourself that they’re wrong.

Taurus: Remember, this week, that you don’t need to know every question and its answer before you start to speak. You know this already, but it’s worth repeating. Even now, you’re allowed your questions. Even now, you’re allowed your doubts. You don’t have to know why you make every move you make.

Gemini: Change doesn’t have to mean that danger’s on the way. When you sense the world cracking, or shifting, or expanding, try to fight the urge to hide in your house with the windows shut tight. You’re strong enough for the uncertainty of days like these. You’re not the only one who still wants to build a good life.

Cancer: Striving for greatness is one thing, and it’s a good thing, but don’t let it shine so bright that you can’t see any other ways of being. Try to allow yourself the sweetness, sometimes, of striving to be small. It’s not that you need to give up your power, or rein in your wide-ranging passion. It’s just good to know your neighbors, to be one person among others. It’s good to take only what you need.

Leo: You might find yourself caught on the memories that live like water in your body. Our minds are both greater and smaller than we imagine them to be; our bodies are powerful and not easily understood. Sometimes, carrying so much memory can feel oppressive; this week, remember that your skin holds more than just the past. Your body holds the hope too great for your thoughts to contend with.

Virgo: This week is for walking and thinking, for thinking and walking, for moving your physical form through the physical world. There’s always this desire for self-sufficiency, for perfect self-containment. This week, try to trust life over perfection, motion over order. Try to trust that when you speak to the world, the world will speak back to you. How can you know what’s possible, unless you’re willing to be moved?

Libra: How does it feel to return to old friends? How does it feel, coming back to the poems that once electrified you, to the songs that once gave you the courage you needed to survive? It’s okay to return to the places you once lived, to the people you used to be. Sometimes the magic’s still there — sometimes it isn’t. Sometimes, you’ll just get a sense of the distance you’ve traveled.

Scorpio: Some days are clear and blue, and some just fill up with their own white fog. Some days, the road is straight and well-marked; some days, the pavement buckles and cracks. You are who you are, and you’re capable of bringing love and wonder into the world. There are just conditions that make it easier to believe in your own brightness, and conditions that make it harder. This week, try to spend your days with the people who make it easier.

Sagittarius: When you imagine intimacy, when you think about love, what kind of world springs up in your head? Is it green, is it gold? Is it quiet? Is there music? There are so many varieties of closeness. There are so many ways, in the end, to get what you need. Watch how the world opens up, this week. Watch for the ways life moves around you, welcoming you, making space.

Capricorn: Sometimes, other people feel unbearable, and there’s nothing wrong with this. It’s okay to give yourself a rest. There are stars and there’s soil, and there are mountains and oceans, and there are dogs and there are birds. There are songs without words. If you need a break from the noise of other people, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re retreating inside yourself.

Aquarius: What love are you missing from the world? What feelings of safety, what feelings of plenty, what feelings of warmth are you looking for? This isn’t an exercise in softness, in naïveté. It take courage to think about how you really want to live. Remember the brightest visions you’ve had. Think wild forests, vast futures so great and so far you can’t get there alone.

Pisces: There’s so much daily work in the world, so much maintenance to keep on living. There’s all this effort and sometimes it feels like it’s never over, like there are just these infinite cycles. All the work that makes up a life can start to look endless, like an ocean, like a field of wheat waving all the way out to the horizon. But open space means room to breathe. There’s no endpoint you need to reach; there’s only a life, yours, that still belongs to you.

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Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of May 1