Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of May 22

Illustration: Jen May

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Thursday brings a new moon in Gemini. A Gemini moon can grant you a restless energy, a desire for change. Here, in this space, you’ll feel possibilities flow all around you without worrying the current will carry you away. Your powers are already strong, and you’re ready.

Aries: There’s no type of person who can live without ever taking a break, not even you. Sometimes, you have to leave the party for a minute, just to breathe alone in the dark-blue night. Sometimes, you will feel weak: Pay attention when your bones start to feel heavy. There are so many different ways to nurture yourself — it doesn’t matter so much what you do, as long as you do something.

Taurus: This is a week for separating what you are from what you aren’t. It’s not a time of reckoning — it’s something gentler than that. Here, among all these other people, there’s an energy that’s only yours, a love that you do best. And while there’s still space to grow, room to experiment, don’t make changes for anyone else. The courage in your bones, the light in your eyes: These are already yours.

Gemini: It’s so easy, sometimes, to get caught up in a breeze, to get taken away by a strong gust of air. It’s so easy to get lost looking up at the stars, or lost looking down the weird hole of memory, or lost in a bright field of desire. Even when you want to stay lost, even when you want to be made of light, there’s something good in sometimes remembering that your body is finite and full of water. Even your memories are strong and older than you are.

Cancer: There are different ways of learning how to see, and they aren’t all easy or pleasant. This week, pay attention to what you’re being shown, and what’s being hidden from you. Pay attention to the magnetic force of your energy, to the places you can’t stay away from. There’s nothing wrong with learning how to see all over again, and again.

Leo: It’s so exhausting, sometimes, to be tireless the way you’re tireless. This week, you don’t have to pretend it’s easy. You don’t have to be a fire that burns on its own, without fuel or oxygen, without care. This is a week for being honest about how you’re doing and what you need. Don’t keep your vulnerability knotted inside you: You deserve to speak of your weakness, not only your love.

Virgo: There are always so many buses moving through the city streets, so many cars, so many people running and moving. It’s easy, on days like these, to imagine you’re somehow falling behind, but you’re already in motion. You’re on this path that you’re on, and there’s no ground to make up, no extra distance to cover before nightfall. It’s a funny impulse to fight in yourself. It takes a funny kind of dreaminess, to fight for your own right to live slowly.

Libra: It requires certain skills to sit quietly through a storm, and different skills to move through one, and you don’t need to learn them all at once. There’s a quiet skill involved in sitting next to the window while rain slides down it in wavy sheets. There’s so much to be said for watching the thunder outside and knowing, in the middle of the noise, that you’re safe here. Still, this week, think: How will you know when it’s time to go outside, when it’s worth braving the storm?

Scorpio: When you think about freedom, there’s an image, a feeling that rises in your thoughts. Where are you standing, and what color is the sky? Is the air warm? Are you alone, or is someone else close to you? What can you see when you close your eyes, right here? There are imaginary visions of freedom that can soothe you, and there are visions that can spur you to action. After the dreaming and after the yearning, what is the life you really want?

Sagittarius: In a rotten world, it gets easier and easier to hate yourself, to fear yourself. It becomes so easy to see the worst of the world written on your skin and echoed in your voice, but this is a week to resist. Even now, there’s a way to speak without sucking all the air from a room. There’s a way to let your bright fire grow hot without burning down your city. There’s a way for you to live without taking more than you need.

Capricorn: You know how to ask questions already, of course; your curiosity is bright and strong and true. But this is a week for asking the scary questions of yourself, the ones you really don’t know the answers to. Sometimes, a question is enough to open a passage into the future; sometimes, a question is enough to heal a wound you didn’t know you even had. There’s an unknown world full of unknown magic. If you can be brave enough to invite uncertainty into your life, some of this magic can be for you.

Aquarius: Maybe you already know you deserve every good thing in the world, maybe you already believe in generosity and light — still, it’s sometimes hard to remember. Some days, a small kindness from a stranger is enough to lift you up when you need it. Some days, the sun only has to break through the clouds for one moment and the whole world’s illuminated. This week, you might have to fight a little harder for your own heart.

Pisces: It’s good, of course, to care about all the things you care about. It’s good to live fully in the world, to feel all the vibrations of a planet so wild and alive. Still, a person only has so much time and space in their thoughts and their days. Imagine, this week, what you might allow yourself to stop caring about. Think about acts of refusal, acts of love and protest. What pettiness could you turn your back on? What power might you find in its place?

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Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of May 22