Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of May 29

Illustration: Jen May

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On Sunday, Mars enters Cancer. This is a dreamy, intuitive space; what will you do with your energy, now that it’s here? What will you do with your desire when it turns inward, hides its face, speaks in code? Quietly, your goals might begin to change.

Aries: Maybe you’ve traveled through a dark place to get here, and maybe you’ve seen unspeakable things. Even when you’re haunted by the cruelties of the world, it isn’t your responsibility to swear off all joy. It isn’t your duty to turn your back on feelings of lightness or tenderness or love. A human life is long and strange; a human life can bear so much pressure. There’s never an easy balance, but there’s always a way to move forward, through darkness and light.

Taurus: Sometimes, you can feel a change like it was written on your bones long ago. Sometimes you can see an approaching shift with perfect clarity, but sometimes, it’s trickier, blurrier, harder to see straight-on. You’re brave enough that you don’t need easy answers. You’re wild enough that you don’t need fate alone to carry you. Remember, this week: There are worse things than uncertainty, worse things than doubt.

Gemini: To start, all you have to do is just love the world the best way you can. You don’t need a perfect beating heart. You don’t need to clear every bad thought out of your head. When you have this bright energy in your body, when you have clear-eyed dreams of a miraculous future, it can be hard to live in the present. But you’re growing even now, and you’re getting stronger. What you have and what’s around you right now will be enough.

Cancer: This week, you can reimagine your place and your size in the world. The dark oceans pull at your dreams, and the bright moon pulls at something deeper in you still. In the face of such vast forces, it’s easy to imagine that your own hands are useless, that your own words do nothing at all. Under the light of the moon, it’s easy to forget that you carry a glow of your own, too. Can you remember the shape of your own power?

Leo: The moon is bound to the Earth, and plants draw strength from the sun. This week, think about your own bonds, your own alliances, your own lines of kinship. How do you live your life, and how do you want to live? It’s never too late to be as brave as you dream of being. Who in this messy world will you choose to align yourself with? Whose cause will you choose to take up as your own?

Virgo: This week, you have the power to stop harm in its tracks, to stop violence right where it stands. When you’re touched by the acid cruelty of the world, you don’t have to store it in your muscles. There’s nothing easy about stopping a cycle like this, nothing easy about making a bad world better. It requires kindness as strong as magic, courage as hot as a flame.

Libra: Look, this week, for the possibilities you didn’t imagine, for the paths that branch and bend and lead to places different from the ones you were seeking. A plan for a certain kind of life can begin to feel like a cage. Dreams that never change can begin to feel like a trap. Did you think you could move through your whole wild life, always knowing your own purpose? This is a week for reckoning with the limits of life’s predictability.

Scorpio: Do you feel a buzzing energy in your skin this week? Do you feel your thoughts growing bright? This kind of intensity can upset you, unbalance you, if it has no outlet. How will you keep from letting your best energy go to waste? How will you keep from letting dreams rot inside your head? This isn’t a matter of reaching great heights, or even a matter of naming your goals. This week is for letting your body move the way it wants to move, letting your mind work the way it wants to work.

Sagittarius: Sometimes, bravery means making noise, a statement, a battle cry. Sometimes the ocean swells, sometimes there’s electricity in the air and in your dreams. But how will you recognize the times when it’s better not to be seen, the times when you should step back, the times when all you can do is show up and bear witness? It’s so hard to put your own hard-won selfhood aside. It’s so hard to stand down when you’re so full of courage and fire, but sometimes the world just needs you to listen.

Capricorn: Even when the sky fills with storm clouds, even when the air around you fills with rough and angry voices, you don’t have to take all the world’s pain into your own body. A life worth living doesn’t have to be grand or dense or publicly strange. You can hold on to whatever makes your life bearable. It’s no small feat to keep kindness alive in yourself, no small feat to stay generous in a time of scarcity.

Aquarius: This is a week for thoughts, a week for words, a week for language. There’s a whole sweet world made of nothing but light, and there’s a world that requires no thought at all, only being. Right now, though, it’s worth working to express just what you mean. It’s worth working to understand the bendy contents of your own head. Sometimes, language can feel like a trap, but sometimes, it builds the world you live in.

Pisces: This week, it’s okay to lean into conflict. It’s not always simple, and it doesn’t always come without cost, but try to practice setting aside your own comfort, and the comfort of those more powerful than you. What would change, if you stopped worrying about making the world easy? Would your range of motion expand? Would your courage spur you on to a broader life, or a wilder one, or a better one? There’s a sweetness, sometimes, in refusing to back down. There’s a thrill in refusing to be moved.

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Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of May 29