Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of May 8

Illustration: Jen May

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On Wednesday, a full moon rises in Scorpio. Something’s coming to a head, to a point of focused intensity: Is it your passion, your grief, or something stranger still? If there are no easy answers, then you must decide, with all your wild energy, where you’ll choose to dig in.

Aries: You can’t be the hero to destroy all evil, and you can’t be the savior of every fragile life. Still, the moon rises high in the night, and your power is growing. There are fights you won’t win, and some you will. For now, just practice being gentle with yourself. You can get a haircut. You can make a cup of tea just to hold it warm against your skin.

Taurus: Small gifts will present themselves to you this week — some private victory, a book found out on the sidewalk, something green growing in a place you haven’t seen life before. None of this is enough for the world we live in now, but still, you’re allowed to appreciate what goodness exists. The world is in danger, but it isn’t dead.

Gemini: It’s important sometimes, when reality gets bad — when it’s sharp as glass or heavy as rock — not to relinquish your dreams, your stories, your radiant weirdness. There are still stories to tell, and they aren’t all sad. There are still pictures to see, and they aren’t all bleak. Remember, you’re strong enough to stop your world from shrinking. Sometimes, for a moment in the clear morning, you can even feel it expand.

Cancer: Would it change the way you live, if you learned that you still have more time than you think? Or if you learned that you have less? You can try to stretch your days out long, or you can try to make them small and dense, but still the passage of time stays liquid. A human life is so short, and it’s so long, and you’re lucky. You don’t need to see into the future. You get to decide how to live, right now.

Leo: The messier the world feels, the easier it is to get tangled up in your bright thoughts, lost in your own looping energy. This a week to get outside your own head, to give yourself a rest from the impossible dream of a perfect theory. Your thoughts alone are vast and mighty, but they aren’t enough. Speaking out loud is a start — but what can you do with your hands?

Virgo: The world moves so fast that it’s hard, sometimes, to remember where you are, and what direction you’re facing. Take the time, this week, to check in with yourself. Take the time to remember which way is north. What restlessness has grabbed hold of you, or what stones keep you anchored in place? You’re observant and wise, and still, change can pass by unnoticed if you don’t stop to look.

Libra: If you walk through your town, there are birds, there are babies, there are people younger than you are. If you walk out into the forest, the soil still smells like life. There’s life you can’t see, life you can smell, life that keeps moving whether or not you’re looking. There’s a whole connected world and you’re here too, part of it, alive. It’s not time to mourn the whole world yet.

Scorpio: There’s noise in the air and light in the distance; big questions and problems and narratives blaze across the sky. But being able to hear all that doesn’t mean you have to spend your whole night listening. Just because you can see the grand movement, doesn’t mean you can’t ever look away. You still have your own days, your own energy, your own neighborhood. What matters most to you here, in this small space?

Sagittarius: When you aren’t sure what you want, other people might try to fill the space for you. They’ll try to tell you what to want, or how to use your days. This week, try not to listen. There’s more than one kind of principled life. You can wander and dream, or you can move and shout and organize, or you can give yourself over to art. There are so many ways to live in a way that’s worthy of the fire inside you.

Capricorn: With your own hand, you can write your own name. With your own hand, you can draw a picture of your own face, or of a dream, or of a world that doesn’t exist. When an image doesn’t exist in the physical world, it can still exist in your mind, and when an image doesn’t exist in your mind, sometimes your hand can bring it into being. If the rules are changing, you can change with them.

Aquarius: Think about everything you’ve done in these last few months. Think about how far you’ve traveled. Distances can be strange, stretchy things and the longest journeys don’t always look that way on the map — the hardest work isn’t always visible. And if there’s a new landscape in your heart now, take a look around. What flowers are blooming here? What do the stars look like above? Recognize how you’ve grown brave. You’re growing braver still.

Pisces: There are skills that are not loud or shiny, and there is wisdom that isn’t always valued as it should be. Sometimes, you’ll need to remind yourself of how much you can do, and how much it matters. Sometimes, you’ll need to remind the people around you to notice. It’s a lonely, impossible life, to exist without being seen. Where are the places you’re truly known?

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Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of May 8