Melania Trump Reportedly Hate-Watches Cable Shows for Her Husband

Melania is Donald’s media watchdog. Photo: THOMAS COEX/AFP/Getty Images

Hand-slapping incident aside, it seems Melania Trump really does care about her husband — or at least about how he looks in the news. Over the weekend, Politico published a report citing “friends and aides” who say the First Lady keeps an eye on news reports regarding the White House — and is growing “increasingly worried” about the damage leakers are doing to her husband’s image.

According to the story, Melania is an “avid consumer of cable news.” She watches throughout the day, and she “will alert her husband to stories she thinks make him look bad.” She’s reportedly one of the people he calls at night to “to hear how the dysfunction in his White House is playing out beyond the Beltway,” because she is very attuned to these things.

In recent weeks, Melania has reportedly been unsatisfied with the way her husband’s communications team is handling said leaks. “She was really concerned that Spicer was not doing a good job, that they were not proactive in defending the president,” an outside adviser told Politico. “The leaks bother her. She believes a lot of people are more interested in serving themselves than him.”

Paolo Zampolli, Melania’s friend and former modeling agent, said she does all this because she “loves the president unconditionally” and is protective of him. Either that, or she’s just as obsessed with image as he is.

Melania Trump Hate-Watches Cable Shows for Her Husband