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‘Baby on Board’ Buttons Will Give Subway Riders No Excuse for Ignoring Pregnant Women

Photo: Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Now that the Metropolitan Transportation Authority has tackled manspreading, it’s turning its attention to the problem of passengers who refuse to give up their seats to those who need them. The MTA will start offering free “Baby on Board” buttons to pregnant women, ideally so other riders will give up their seats without having to be asked — or without asking rude questions. The problem is so bad that one woman offered a tongue-in-cheek award to the first and only man who gave up his seat for her during her pregnancy. As per the New York Times, the MTA will also offer buttons that read “Please Offer Me a Seat” for seniors and those with disabilities. The buttons, which are emblazoned with the MTA’s logo, can be ordered online for free.

Veronique Hakim, MTA’s interim executive director, said in an official statement: “Pregnant riders, seniors and those with disabilities often need seats more than others, but their condition may not always be visible. We hope this campaign will help their fellow riders to be more willing to offer them a seat without having to ask a personal question first.”

‘Baby on Board’ Buttons Give Subway Riders No Excuse