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Turns Out Even Being an Actual NASA Astronaut Won’t Stop Random Men From Mansplaining Space to You

Photo: Robert Markowitz

If I had a dollar for every time a man tweeted at me to explain my own joke back to me, I’d be so rich that I would never have to use Twitter again. But internet mansplaining stretches far and wide across professions: from bloggers to actual NASA astronauts.

Take Jessica Meir, a comparative physiologist who’s been a NASA astronaut since 2013. On Thursday night, she tweeted out a short video of herself venturing above 63,000 feet where, she said, “water spontaneously boils.” A man named Casey O’Quin who, based on his avatar, which featured a photo of himself shirtless and wearing sunglasses, is probably not an astronaut, responded to correct her, writing: “Wouldn’t say it’s spontaneous. The pressure in the room got below the vapor pressure of the water at room temp. Simple thermo.” (Casey … thank you.)

Dr. Paul Coxon captured the exchange via screen-grab:

O’Quin, for his part, has since done the right thing and deleted his account.

Random Man Mansplains Space to Actual NASA Astronaut