Samantha Bee Read Ivanka Trump’s New Book and Is Not Impressed

Samantha Bee. Photo: TBS

In the week since Ivanka Trump’s book on being a businesslady, Women Who Work, was released, she’s received a ton of negative reviews, as well as backlash for quoting women who oppose her father (and for using a Toni Morrison quote about slavery in a chapter on time management). And during Wednesday night’s episode of Full Frontal, Samantha Bee gave us her review of the book, which she says contains “more fonts than original thoughts.”

Bee explained that Ivanka essentially compiled quotes and ideas from other people for her book, and then slapped her name on it (in true Trump fashion). “Practically every word that isn’t ‘I,’ ‘Trump,’ or ‘architecting’ is cribbed from or another self-help book — mainly The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, which she quotes over 30 times,” Bee said. “So Ivanka clearly has at least as much wisdom to offer as three guys on your flight in premium economy.”

She also pointed out that Ivanka misattributed a quote from Dave Willis, a pastor and marriage guru, to Dave Wallis, the screenwriter and voice of Meatwad on Aqua Teen Hunger Force. (“No, I did not make that up,” she added.) “It’s like Ivanka forgot she had a book assignment, remembered on the last day, ran to the Hudson Books, ripped out random pages, and then vision boarded them together with the contents of her waste basket to create Women Who Work,” she said.

The comedian noted that the book might be great for someone who wants to “pickle [themselves] in the vapid platitudes that didn’t help her climb from the very, very top, all the way to the terrifyingly inappropriately influential.” But she added, “If you were raised working poor like me, this book will inspire you. Specifically, it will inspire you to challenge the next rich woman you see to a broken-beer-bottle fight.”

Samantha Bee Not Exactly Impressed by Ivanka Trump’s Book