Sandra Lee Admits That She Hates Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan, Sandra Lee. Photo: Getty

Last week, we heard a rumor about Food Network star Sandra Lee and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan that was tart, satisfying, and went down easy, much like a semi-homemade sorbet spritzer featuring a full bottle of Smirnoff Sorbet Light™ Raspberry Pomegranate vodka. While Lee was preparing for a Fox & Friends segment, Ryan attempted to make small talk, but she reportedly brushed him off and told him, “I need you to go away.” Since then, Lee confirmed that yeah, she pretty much can’t stand Ryan.

Talking to “Page Six” at the Breast Cancer Research Foundation’s Hot Pink Party on Friday, she shared:

At first what occurred to me is that we are both from Wisconsin. And I realized he is the one thing from Wisconsin that I cannot tolerate or stomach. I just do not stand for anything he stands for. I was so angry I was shaking, and I never had that experience before in my life or on any show. I love Fox & Friends. That was the only time that happened to me. I do not get angry for too long. He left the set, and I was back to Sandra Lee.

“Just because I chose not to state my opinion does not mean I do not have one,” Lee added. “When it comes to health care or childhood hunger issues, I am not going to be quiet, tolerant, or silent about my experiences or my convictions.”

Put that in your packaged Pillsbury crescent roll and bake it.

Sandra Lee Admits That She Hates Paul Ryan