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Shonda Rhimes Psychically Knew About Scandal Star Katie Lowe’s Pregnancy

Photo: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Quinn is just finding her groove on Scandal, what with her trusting her gut and getting all domesticated with (former?) psycho assassin Charlie, but a tiny new gladiator is getting ready to join Olivia Pope & Associates.

Scandal star Katie Lowes announced on Jimmy Kimmel Live that she and her husband, Adam Shapiro, are expecting their first child in the near future. Naturally, she told Shonda Rhimes “like, five minutes” after finding out she was pregnant, but as it turned out, Rhimes already had an inkling.

“You know what she said to me? She already knew! Yes, because she’s Shonda and she’s a genius and she knows everything that’s going on in the world,” Lowes joked, adding, “I think she’s in the editing room with us for hours, looking at my face, and she could tell I either had a really good weekend eating pizza and beer or I was pregnant.”

Scandal will end after next season, leaving a wine-goblet-sized hole in our hearts.

Scandal Star Katie Lowes Is Pregnant With a Baby Gladiator