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Zendaya’s Second Size-Inclusive Collection Is Even Better Than Her Debut

Daya by Zendaya. Photo: Daya by Zendaya

I’ve always loved Zendaya’s playful, fashion-forward style both on and off the red carpet. She consistently looks cool and stylish but approachable, too. And with the help of her stylist Law Roach she’s managed to channel that sensibility into her own versatile line, Daya by Zendaya. Since its debut last fall, not only is the line affordable (the most expensive piece was a $148 jacket), it’s also size inclusive — a detail that’s usually an afterthought. Her second collection just dropped and it’s even better.

This time around, Zendaya stayed true to her sporty roots with casual, athleisure-friendly, gender-fluid pieces as well as feminine styles that are an affordable nod to her designer favorites like Dolce & Gabbana and Michael Kors. The versatile range includes reinvented basics like patchwork sweatshirts mixed in with trendier silhouettes (slinky slip dresses, track pants) making it easy to put together a cool outfit, even if you’re not a stylist. Read ahead to hear what she has to say about inclusivity, her favorite things to design, and that special, surprisingly affordable dress from the Kids’ Choice Awards red carpet. Plus, check out my favorite pieces.

What do you love more about Drop Two than Drop One?

When you first come out with a line, the first run is really to see what people like and gravitate towards. I felt there were too many options and this time I wanted to make it more cohesive [so it felt like a] collection.

You looked amazing at the Kids’ Choice Awards, wearing a Daya by Zendaya rustic slip dress. Why did you choose that dress from your Drop Two collection over all the other pieces?

I think it was the perfect [way to] show things can look expensive, especially in the way it’s cut and the material, without having to actually be expensive. It’s mainly in the way you style and rock things. You don’t have to spend a lot of money. I think that’s one of the most important things about the brand. I make sure it’s affordable and realistic because that’s the market I’m catering to. [It’s for] college students out there, let’s be realistic.

What’s your favorite piece from Drop Two, and how would you style it?

I really love my sweatpants sets because they’re so comfortable and they can be dressed up or down. I love taking sweatpants and make them look like loungewear that you can wear to the gym. [Add a heel] and you can literally wear them on the red carpet.

I really appreciate all the different ethnicities and size diversity among the models on your site. Most designers aren’t as progressive as you are. What do you think is the main reason for that?

With most everything I do in my career there’s always a bigger reason behind it. When it came down to making a clothing brand I thought, how can I make something different than the billions of other clothing brands out there? What was missing was that sense of inclusivity, be it gender-neutral clothing, or offering more sizes. [I want] everybody to feel like they can shop from the same place. I don’t think that my older sister, who is a thicker woman, should have to go to a certain section on my website to find an outfit. It’s the same when it comes to men and women — a guy shouldn’t have to go on my site and feel like he can’t wear something because only girls are wearing it or vice versa. Stop trying to put everybody in the categories and boxes. Let everybody just live. It’s really simple and makes a difference for the shopper.

Shop Nadia’s Favorites

Photo: Daya by Zendaya

This frayed denim jacket with exaggerated sleeves was my top pick when I first laid eyes on it. The bell-sleeve detailing makes it feel special, but not so fancy that I can’t wear it every day. I’m ready to pair it with the matching pants plus a cute little white crop top and flatform shoes.

Photo: Daya by Zendaya

Track pants are having a moment because they’re comfortable and have that cool streetwear element. I’d wear these with this form-fitting black bodysuit and red high-heeled sandals.

Photo: Daya by Zendaya

All this needs is an oversized pair of silver hoop earrings, classic white Adidas sneakers, and my hair up in a high bun for a chill, weekend-ready look.

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Zendaya’s Second Size-Inclusive Collection Is Even Better