Two Students in Michigan Reportedly Received an Anti-Semitic Valentine From Member of College Republican Group

Central Michigan University. Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/cmuniversity

Two students at Central Michigan University were given an anti-Semitic Valentine’s Day card on Wednesday by a member of the campus’s Republican group, the Washington Post reports. The campus is reportedly investigating the incident, and the group has said it never sanctioned the “very inappropriate” card.

The college’s student newspaper, Central Michigan Life, reports the disturbing card in question — which has a picture of Adolf Hilter, alongside with the message “my love 4 u burns like 6,000 jews” — was given out during the College Republican’s Valentine’s Day party.

According to the group, each member decorated a bag, and then other members put Valentine’s Day cards in the bag. The club’s president, Mackenzie Flynn, told Central Michigan Life that one of the club’s members printed out a page of Valentine’s memes — including the one of Hitler — and put one in each of the bags. “While still not appropriate, I want to clear up that they did not create it themselves,” Flynn said.

Per the Post:

One of those bags, however, was given to two students who are not in the club. An image of the card was apparently shared on social media, igniting outrage across the campus, according to Central Michigan Life. (School administrators are investigating whether the photo is legitimate.)

The group has since condemned the card in a statement: “The College Republicans as an organization did not distribute this valentine. We in no way condone this type of rhetoric or anti-Semitism. We apologize for any offense, and want students to know that we do not tolerate this sort of behavior.”

The Post notes that campus officials have expressed their “disappointment” over the card:

Kirsten Simmons, a spokeswoman for Central Michigan University, said campus leaders are “deeply disappointed” by the incident and are trying to determine how and why the card was handed out. Simmons said that “this type of hurtful language” is “not something that represents who we are as a campus and as a community.”
Students in Michigan Reportedly Given Anti-Semitic Valentine