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If Taylor Swift Can’t Make It to Your Graduation Party, She’ll Send Flowers

Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for DIRECTV

Most of us can hardly be bothered to respond to a Facebook invite from our friends, but you know who is probably a really responsible RSVP-er? That Taylor Swift. In fact, when a fan invited Swift to her graduation party, the pop star sent a handwritten note and flowers.

Swift is known for her gracious attitude toward fans, from private performances to notes and visits. However, she’s being laying low for a while since the critical backlash of summer 2016. A source told People, “Taylor made the conscious choice to disappear. She was feeling overexposed and like things were almost spiraling out of control. She’s being low-key and secretive [right now] because it makes her happy.”

Coincidentally or not, Harry Styles has been promoting his self-titled solo album and dodging questions about whether or not “Two Ghosts” is about Swift, whom he dated way back in 2012.

Taylor Swift Is Really Good at RSVPs