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Teen Reportedly Jumped Into Zoo’s Zebra Exhibit for Love

Zebras. Photo: JOHANNES EISELE/AFP/Getty Images

While romance may be dead for the rest of us, it apparently lives on in the hearts of teens, who are going to great lengths for the ones they love. Yes, one of them reportedly broke into a zoo exhibit to woo his crush.

KFOR reports a 16-year-old boy in Oklahoma City recently climbed two barriers to break into the Oklahoma City Zoo’s zebra exhibit. The teen first told police officers that he had jumped into the habitat “on a dare” from friends, but he then said that a girl told him she’d give him her number if he jumped into the enclosure. The boy was apparently only in the zebra exhibit for a few minutes and was unharmed. He was detained by zoo security officers before the cops arrived on the scene.

According to zoo officials, the two zebras in the exhibit were “startled” but they weren’t harmed during the encounter. The kid was given a ticket for criminal trespassing from the cops, and sent home with his dad. No word on whether he got the girl’s number, though.

Teen Reportedly Jumped Into Zoo’s Zebra Exhibit for Love