These Detachable Jorts Make Me Want to Scream Eternally Into the Void

Y/Project detachable cut-out front jeans.

Remember those zippered cargo pants that dads across America were really proud of because they could be turned into shorts at a moment’s notice? They’re back, acid-washed, and sexualized.

For $425, these Y/Project multifunctional jeans could be yours. Features include cutouts where the pant leg detaches (hot), a pair of jorts so short that they may just be denim briefs (ouch), and a button fly (why?).

The look is a bit 90210, a bit John Wayne, and very in line with 2017 denim trends.

Versatile-yet-impractical pants are somewhat of a specialty for Y/Project, who also offers a detachable-leg jumpsuit in red velvet; garter-belt jeans; and shiny, black track pants that convert into shiny, black wide-leg pants.

I’m ready to return to normcore.

These Detachable Jorts Make Me Want to Scream Into the Void