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How to Turn Your Ivanka Trump Clothing Into Something Pretty

Not today, Ivanka.

It’s a tough time for Ivanka Trump’s shift dresses. First, they’re mislabeled at a discount retailer, now they’re being collected and upcycled courtesy of the Rational Dress Society. The society addresses consumers as “comrade” and makes one piece of clothing: a unisex tailored jumpsuit.

You can send your, “gently used, and emphatically discarded” Ivanka Trump–brand clothing to be magically turned into jumpsuits. Best part? They’ll be millennial pink with gold accents.

The Make America Rational Again campaign is a four-step process, detailed on their website:

Phase 1: Collect used Ivanka Trump brand clothing
Phase 2: Have used Ivanka Trump brand clothing recycled into post-consumer yarn
Phase 3: Weave post-consumer yarn into new fabric
Phase 4: Make special edition JUMPSUITS!
The original jumpsuit.

The company notes that, unlike Trump brands, 100 percent of the production will be in America. From now through July, donate Ivanka Trump clothing via collection centers or mail directly.

A final incentive (if you need another) is that the jumpsuit must be comfortable. The co-founders have worn nothing else for over a year.

* This post has been updated to reflect that the brand is called Rational Dress Society.

How to Turn Your Ivanka Trump Clothing Into Something Pretty