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The Paris Climate Agreement Is Tearing the Tiffany & Co. Facebook Community Apart

The offending post. Photo: Courtesy of Tiffany & Co.

There is a dark battle underway, one in which factions are fighting mercilessly over America’s place on the global stage, the relationship between corporate entities and political influence, and the very future of the planet’s resources. And it’s all taking place on the Tiffany & Co. Facebook page.

On Tuesday, amid rumors that President Trump might pull the United States out of the Paris Climate Agreement, Tiffany & Co. posted a status to its Facebook page that read, “Tiffany strongly supports keeping the U.S. in the Paris Climate Agreement.” An accompanying block of text elaborated on its stance.

This particular Facebook post on the Paris Climate Agreement resulted in an overwhelming reaction from its followers. While some praised Tiffany & Co. for its stance, others took out their anger on the company with a passion akin to yours when you really wanted that sterling-silver heart charm bracelet in middle school:

Well this is certainly not going to make me want to buy me a Tiffany key or heart necklace. Not that I could anyways now that my Obamacare premium is $1200 a month for me, my husband, and 12 year old child. Good luck with being political.

Another questioned the veracity of climate change:

Tiffany, please keep your political opinions out of my retail choices. I’m a responsible planet dweller that recycles and conserves because it’s my duty to take care of the beautiful, abundant planet Which was created for us, but ice ages and dust bowls and oceans rising have cyclically happened before.

Meanwhile, a fellow fan shot back, “Orrrr you can shop elsewhere … thanks Tiffany & Co. for standing up for common sense and sanity which seems to be lacking among some of your customers!”

Some decided to offer their opinion about immigration issues (“Well maybe you should worry more about the fact that Paris will now be more dangerous than ever. And that has nothing to do with climate changes, but globalization”), while others used the opportunity to invoke Pizzagate.

For instance:

Please stick to creating beautiful, albeit ridiculously marked-up jewellery. Your recent marketing decision to use Gaga (blood rituals mistress who takes her queues from Marina Abramovic) was disappointing enough. Now you audaciously assume that splashing sensitive topic words on your patented robin’s egg blue background gives you inherent political credence.

And finally, there were those who took neither side in this debate, choosing instead to call out Tiffany & Co. for what they saw as a performative act by a wealthy corporation, like this commenter.

Mining of any kind, gems, gold, silver is catastrophic to the local environment and its people. Claiming “conflict” free gemstones does not get you off the hook. This statement is nothing more than show. Tapping in to hearts, minds and wallets of people. Everyone can research for themselves what affect mining has. This from a company that got rich from this industry.
Paris Climate Agreement Leads to Tiffany’s Facebook Drama